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Should I Pay Young Driver’s Fee?

Booking car online you should answer the question about your age. Put it and check whether it makes influence over your car price or not. Often, the young driver’s fee depends on the rental price. So you can make search and check prices. Booking a car beforehand you are obliged to pay young driver’s fee on the pick up when you confirm your age with your passport. Honestly, it is better to find out more about the young driver’s fee before you contact to one or another company.

How Much Is It?

The size of the fee much depends on the country you are traveling through, on the car brand and price. As a rule, fee starts from $5 per day like in Spain or $35 …

How to Save Money on Car Rental? Special for Young Drivers!

How old are you? Are you 18 and more? So, it’s time to start doing what you want. Do you want to go to Orlando amusement parks for weekend? Then take a car and go! Why not? Under 21 car rental locations are popular in the USA. If you are adult enough to vote, pay taxes, you can easily rent a car and spend your weekend in your own way. It is said that you may have difficulties to rent a car if you are under 21 or even 25. Probably, young drivers have a big thorn in the side! But if you are smart and responsible person you can easily cut your expenses for the car rent and go to learn the world.

Entrance to Magic Kingdom


If you are a young driver you …

Car Rental Age Restrictions to Consider During Your Trip

No major rental company can allow an underage driver to drive the rental cars. Underage car rental can only be present in some of the minor companies. An underage driver specifically a 16-year-old has no insurance and possesses no license.

Rental car companies have a higher age requirement for the driver which is mostly 25 years. Until recently any young driver under the age of 25 would not be trusted to drive a rental car. Statistically, drivers under the age of 25 get into more accidents than other age groups. 

Minimum Car Rental Age

The minimum rental age for cars is mandated by the different states. The car rental companies can also choose to keep the set minimum or increase the age required. Example, in Germany the minimum car rental age is set at 18 but the different companies only …

Useful Tips for Your Winter Road Trip

Winter holidays have arrived! The suitcases are ready and the illusion increases at times. Here are tips that will make your trip safe and relaxed, especially if there is snow. A relaxed and safe winter road trip requires a car hired at rental24h car rental. rental24h is the giant in car rental services across the world.

1. Prepare your car for winter

To adapt your car to the winter season, it is advisable to make a list of things necessary to change beforehand; installing snow tires, inspecting fluids and checking the battery is vitally important. These and other accessories for winter are the kinds of things that should be checked and replaced before embarking on a trip at this time.

Use winter tires

Its use is advisable in areas of low temperatures and areas of large mountains and mountains. It …