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Should I Pay Young Driver’s Fee?

Booking car online you should answer the question about your age. Put it and check whether it makes influence over your car price or not. Often, the young driver’s fee depends on the rental price. So you can make search and check prices. Booking a car beforehand you are obliged to pay young driver’s fee on the pick up when you confirm your age with your passport. Honestly, it is better to find out more about the young driver’s fee before you contact to one or another company.

How Much Is It?

The size of the fee much depends on the country you are traveling through, on the car brand and price. As a rule, fee starts from $5 per day like in Spain or $35 per day like in Great Britain.

Where to Pay?

As a rule, you are asked about the free at the rental counter on pick up.

Credit Cards on Keyboard

Cash or Credit Card?

Additional fee is taken from your credit card all together with a rental fee in the currency of the country you are traveling through.

What If I’m Not Behind the Wheel?

It doesn’t matter whether you are on driving or not. If you make a rental contract as a driver, you are asked for a young driver’s fee as a young driver.

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How to Save Money?

Sometimes, it is absolutely impossible to cut expenses. If you are under 25 you are obliged to pay additional fee all over the US territory. How to manage this? Try to find a company with the lowest fee and loyal attitude. Different companies offer their own prices and loyalty programs.

Being a young driver is very pleasant and very responsible. Also, it costs you money. Pay attention to economy class cars as more expensive cars has strict rules and limitations about drivers’ age. Factually, the only one way to avoid additional fee is stop driving a car. Ask your elder brother to drive and you will be free from fee.

Never forget: You need a credit card on your name to pick up the car you booked to rent before. Be attentive!

Post Author: Tammy Moreno