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Winter holidays have arrived! The suitcases are ready and the illusion increases at times. Here are tips that will make your trip safe and relaxed, especially if there is snow. A relaxed and safe winter road trip requires a car hired at rental24h car rental. rental24h is the giant in car rental services across the world.

1. Prepare your car for winter

To adapt your car to the winter season, it is advisable to make a list of things necessary to change beforehand; installing snow tires, inspecting fluids and checking the battery is vitally important. These and other accessories for winter are the kinds of things that should be checked and replaced before embarking on a trip at this time.

Use winter tires

Its use is advisable in areas of low temperatures and areas of large mountains and mountains. It is not necessary if you live in the communities of the south of the country.

Use chains

If you prefer to use chains instead of snow tires, you should know that they are mandatory in mountain passes and in cases of snow or frost of magnitude. You can always carry them in the trunk and see that they adapt to your car. In some ports, its use is mandatory. You have to use them whenever there is snow or risk of snowfall, and you have to reduce the maximum speed of circulation to 50 km / h.

Coolant and antifreeze

The engine of your car, especially in winter, always needs coolant. To prevent freezing with minimum temperatures, choose a coolant that also contains antifreeze. Service stations and repair shops can check the level of antifreeze in the coolant. The windshield fluid should also carry this, and you can always use a special mop or repellent for this part of the vehicle. Adding a simple antifreeze compound to the windshield water is simple, sufficient and effective.

2. Place the luggage correctly

When you store your luggage, keep in mind that the heaviest suitcases go down and the lightest ones upstairs. All the load must be distributed so that the weight is balanced and do not move, especially those that are lightweight. Also take with you a first aid kit, a reflective triangle, and life vests, on the front of the car so that they are more accessible.

If your car does not have enough space to carry skis or other winter sports luggage, you can use a ski rack or luggage rack. Both are placed on the roof of the car or in the rear, where the bicycles are placed. Experts recommend using models that fit the model of the car at the time of purchase.

The same applies to the weight: avoid empty spaces and take into account the maximum recommended weight. It is advisable to check the load during the trip and adjust it if necessary.

3. Plan the trip: duration and route

Anticipating the holidays can help you avoid traffic jams and traffic jams. The stress of driving on vacation can be important, so it is advisable to carefully plan the route. The peak hours on holidays coincide with Fridays between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and on Saturdays between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Before leaving home, check the traffic status to avoid routes with higher saturation and use search engines that recommend an alternative route.

Family entertainment during the trip

In long trips or withholdings it is normal that, if you travel with children, they end up getting bored. Small family games can help. The classic “I see, I see” always triumphs.

Favorite color

Young children are the biggest fans of this game because of its simplicity and creativity. Cad player says what is his favorite color and must name 10 things of that same color. He who finds 10 things the first, wins.

4. Drive to the holiday destination

As you well know, getting to the destination is the most important thing. If your route plan includes going through highways or crossing a border, then bear in mind the toll to pay and always carry your documentation and that of your car.

It is vital to respect traffic regulations, speed limitations, and other drivers. Traveling in winter can be a real pleasure, but nothing guarantees you to do it free of risks, which is why we are extremely concerned about these important times. Your safe journey is substantially increased by renting your car at rental24h car rental

Post Author: Tammy Moreno